SONJA MAURO is a New York / Los Angeles-based actress and performance artist. She is a member of the New York theater company, On The Road, founded by the Alice Spivak. She has worked opposite Vincent Piazza, Josh Ostrovsky, Jonathan Sollis, and Ismael Cruz. Sonja is a graduate of Eugene Lang College, a division of The New School in New York, where she studied creative writing. She has developed several performance pieces based on the concept of The Character, In Character, or as the Self-Characterized.


LIZZY SANFORD is a director, producer and writer. After only two years of work in the film
industry, her award winning short films have premiered at SXSW, Cannes and several other film festivals.


Margot is a singer, composer and classically trained violinist. She can be found in New York City singing dreamy love songs and composing for orchestras and films. Margot released her debut single Isn’t She Lovely in November of 2015. She is 1/2 of the band, The Dolls, who recently opened up for Katy Perry on the Asia leg of her Prismatic World Tour. Margot has also written and recorded string arrangements for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Low and Sam Sparro; her string work featured on the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, and composed an original piece for the The Horseman trailer.


Natalie O’Moore is a portrait and fashion photographer currently based in Los Angeles.

Upon graduating in 2013 from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies with a BFA in Photography and Modern Art, Natalie moved to Los Angeles to pursue personal photographic projects. She is interested in the legacy of American road trip photography, self-portraiture, and the ability to create a feminine language through imagery.


NYC based Actor

Natalia is a Australian portrait, fashion and beauty photographic artist. Based in Sydney floating between Paris,London and Los Angeles. Clients include Yen,Oyster,Russh,I.D,Milk and Catalogue Magazine


Soliana is an interdisciplinary artist who uses sculpture, photography video, sound, and projection. She studied English Literature at Harvard University, photography at Parsons Paris and received an MA with honors in Image and Communications from Goldsmiths. Soliana has had solo shows in London and Milan and has participated in group shows in LA, NYC, and London. Her work is concerned with corporeality and the physicality of her own body as well as that of the world and of her sculptures. She usually makes colored shapes out of resin or combines it with materials like wood, plexiglass, metal, or canvas. She has developed a very physical process to create visual motion in static pieces by pouring liquid plastic onto an inclined surface and allowing it to flow continuously until it hardens and freezes. Soliana’s work is dependent on harnessing chance, and leaving an element of each piece open to the unexpected.


Costuming includes: Rihanna dancers and band costume design for VMA’s video vanguard performance 2016, Grammy’s and billboard music awards, Eve – “this is what truth feels like ” tour costume design

Music Videos Include: Converse H09909 / Blood Waves dir: Radical Friend, Massive Attack ft. Tricky & 3D / Take It There dir: Hiro Murai, Blonde Redhead / Dripping dir: Eric Warenheim, Lafawndah / Ally, dir: Lafawndah, Skrillex & The Doors / Breakin A Sweat dir: Radical Friend, Devendra Banhart / Für Hildegard dir: Isaiah Seret, MGMT / Cool Song No.2 dir: Isaiah Seret, A$AP Rocky / Everyday ft. Rod Stewart dir: Fleur & Manu, MGMT / Your Life Is A Lie dir: Tom Kuntz, Snoop Dogg / So Many Pros dir: Francois Rousselet, Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson / Say Say Say Remix dir: Ryan Heffington, Wild Belle / Keep Youdir: Melina Matsoukas

Commercials Include: Direct TV / Ft. Rob Lowe dir: Tom Kuntz, Lexus IS Reveal / Change Lanes dir: Melina Matsoukas, H&R Block / It’s Happening dir: Francois Rousselet, Wonderful Pistachios / ft. Stephen Colbert dir: Tom Kuntz, Jack Daniels / The Keeper dir: Isaiah Seret Old Spice / And So It Begins dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Arts & Craftsy Tony Romo dir: Tom Kuntz, Jack Daniels / The Beginning dir: Isaiah Seret, Diet Coke / Black Dress dir: Melina Matsoukas Desperados / The Core dir: Fleur & Manu, Got Milk / Milk Vs. Protein dir: Tim & Eric, Adobe / Superbowl dir: Isaiah Seret, Old Spice / Hair dir: Tom Kuntz, Old Spice / Motorcycle dir: Tom Kuntz, Oreo / Whisper Fight dir: Tom Kuntz, Oreo / Life Raft dir: Tom Kuntz, French Lottery / Out Of Office dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Mountain Men dir: Tom Kuntz, Fedex TV / Hot Shots dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Ft. Charlie Sheen dir: Tom Kuntz, Hulu TV / Hello From Hulu dir: Tom Kuntz, Adidas/ All In For My Girls dir: Melina Matsoukas, Toyota Camry / Superbowl 2012 dir: Tom Kuntz, Citroen / Baby dir: Tom Kuntz

Fashion Films Include: Nowness, Lui Magazine, Opening Ceremony