Jedda-Daisy Culley is an artist with a rich creative pedigree. Her father is Stephen Culley, an artist who, in the 1970s, formed iconic Desert Designs, an Australian textile print and lifestyle label founded with indigenous artist Jimmy Pike. The Culley family home became a creative hub where artists would often drop by and visit. As a child, Jedda-Daisy couldn’t imagine growing up and becoming anything but an artist, and took her future aspirations very seriously. ‘I would set up studios, working away at different drawings, paintings and sculptures for hours,’ she reminisces. This childhood fascination did not waver, and as a grown up Jedda-Daisy now works on her various creative projects from a studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

In her high school years, Jedda-Daisy went to study in Western Australia on an art scholarship, then onto COFA to complete a Master of Fine Arts. She’s been painting since she can remember, but things got a bit more serious when she graduated and began to exhibit her work. Her latest show Universal Love at Mild Manners, and includes a collection of vibrant expressive paintings inspired by the Australian landscape.

Alongside her art practice, Jedda-Daisy also co-directs Desert Designs, the brand that her father and Jimmy Pike started many decades ago. She says her involvement with the brand and its history with indigenous arts and culture has given her a deeper understanding of native Australian landscapes, inspiring her own practice.

‘I have been privileged to learn something of the intricacies of the desert landscape and the particularities of Aboriginal cosmology – the wisdom in how they view landscape in this county,’ Jedda-Daisy explains. ‘Jimmy’s visual archive has been a touchstone for me to enter this world and deepen my own practice and understanding of landscape.’


Costuming includes: Rihanna dancers and band costume design for VMA’s video vanguard performance 2016, Grammy’s and billboard music awards, Eve – “this is what truth feels like ” tour costume design

Music Videos Include: Converse H09909 / Blood Waves dir: Radical Friend, Massive Attack ft. Tricky & 3D / Take It There dir: Hiro Murai, Blonde Redhead / Dripping dir: Eric Warenheim, Lafawndah / Ally, dir: Lafawndah, Skrillex & The Doors / Breakin A Sweat dir: Radical Friend, Devendra Banhart / Für Hildegard dir: Isaiah Seret, MGMT / Cool Song No.2 dir: Isaiah Seret, A$AP Rocky / Everyday ft. Rod Stewart dir: Fleur & Manu, MGMT / Your Life Is A Lie dir: Tom Kuntz, Snoop Dogg / So Many Pros dir: Francois Rousselet, Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson / Say Say Say Remix dir: Ryan Heffington, Wild Belle / Keep Youdir: Melina Matsoukas

Commercials Include: Direct TV / Ft. Rob Lowe dir: Tom Kuntz, Lexus IS Reveal / Change Lanes dir: Melina Matsoukas, H&R Block / It’s Happening dir: Francois Rousselet, Wonderful Pistachios / ft. Stephen Colbert dir: Tom Kuntz, Jack Daniels / The Keeper dir: Isaiah Seret Old Spice / And So It Begins dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Arts & Craftsy Tony Romo dir: Tom Kuntz, Jack Daniels / The Beginning dir: Isaiah Seret, Diet Coke / Black Dress dir: Melina Matsoukas Desperados / The Core dir: Fleur & Manu, Got Milk / Milk Vs. Protein dir: Tim & Eric, Adobe / Superbowl dir: Isaiah Seret, Old Spice / Hair dir: Tom Kuntz, Old Spice / Motorcycle dir: Tom Kuntz, Oreo / Whisper Fight dir: Tom Kuntz, Oreo / Life Raft dir: Tom Kuntz, French Lottery / Out Of Office dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Mountain Men dir: Tom Kuntz, Fedex TV / Hot Shots dir: Tom Kuntz, Direct TV / Ft. Charlie Sheen dir: Tom Kuntz, Hulu TV / Hello From Hulu dir: Tom Kuntz, Adidas/ All In For My Girls dir: Melina Matsoukas, Toyota Camry / Superbowl 2012 dir: Tom Kuntz, Citroen / Baby dir: Tom Kuntz

Fashion Films Include: Nowness, Lui Magazine, Opening Ceremony

Fun, fresh and irreverent, Naomi Shimada is a dynamic force who is fast becoming the voice of a generation. Her multi-faceted talents and unique beauty have seen her conquer the worlds of modelling and TV presenting and in only her twenties, she identifies as a global citizen has called countries as diverse as the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom and Spain home, giving her a unique perspective on the world. Naomi’s candid and frank depiction about her experiences as a model and the wider fashion industry has meant she has become a prolific voice in the body positive movement.

As a self-described “healthy body image activist,” Naomi has a monthly column in InStyle UK that reaches 150,000 readers, in which she showcases style has nothing to do with size. She has been profiled by the likes of The Sunday Times, CNN, BBC, i-D and most recently, she graced the cover of The Observer magazine in which she discussed fashion’s prejudices towards plus-size models with acclaimed journalist Eva Wiseman. Her candid admirable and relatable approach to her career and those around her has seen amass a large social media following and now committed to shedding light to social causes close to her heart, Naomi wants to extend the dialogue even further.

2016 signals her move into documentary filmmaking and she is already in pre-production on her video series committed to social issues that affect women across the globe; from sexuality, motherhood, health to travel; subjects she sees as inextricably linked, and that will see her take her pioneering spirit and call for change to a global stage.


After a year of living off the grid in Marfa, TX, artist Charlotte Fassler — former visual editor and producer at Man Repeller — is officially partnering with long time creative collaborator Dani Girdwood — protégé of director Reed Morano. Girdwood is coming fresh off of THE HANDMAID’S TALE and associate producing Morano’s most recent film I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW, starring Elle Fanning and Peter Dinklage.

Uniting under the moniker, SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT, the NY based directing duo is known for their work where art meets branding —

Together they’ve shot in London, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Min, Jakarta, and Singapore in partnership with their fashion clients. Their fashion film AYAHUASCA, AZ for luxury brand Malone Souliers premiered at London Fashion Week in February to high praise and acclaim. Their recent commercial for TUMI premiered at this years Tribeca Film Festival. Their most recent work includes music videos for Mainland // 300 Entertainment and for Banners // Island Records.

“You’ve probably heard the old adage that good art is the ability to take two seemingly unrelated concepts and show how they intersect. If this cliche is believed then it goes a long way toward explaining the artistic talent of Los Angeles based Creative Producer, Meagan Judkins (

Within minutes of stepping foot on her first set as a teenager, Meagan had realized her path.  For over ten years she has garnered a reputation for seeking out the strange, the beautiful and meaningful. She has helmed countless sets, always pushing herself and her creatives toward new paths of character driven storytelling paired with thought-provoking visuals.

Meagan started her Production company,  Fox and Leopard, in early 2016 with the continued intention of developing projects + Creatives that entice minds and push society in a forward motion.  Having lived within the worlds of fashion photography and commercial production, the last few years she has poised herself as a film producer;  her company’s independently produced feature film will make it’s public debut in early 2018.

A product of a schizophrenic upbringing, Meagan oscillated between cultural extremes: A conservative Mormon mother from Berkeley, an agnostic father from Seattle, and a Jewish Brazilian stepmother whose career in art and fashion served as a template for a young girl living a stone’s throw from the beehive itself, Brigham Young University. A sort of “army brat”, her father’s work took her from the mountains of Utah to Washington D.C., from Brazil to Paraguay, and finally to L.A., where she took root on her own before the age of 18. Meagan’s travels have exposed her to a myriad of people and communities, refining her love of diplomacy and creating a keen ability to connect and relate with a slew of different characters, a skill that motivates and exhilarates her today.


A disjointed upbringing can set a fire under a person, instilling in them a sort of permanent traveler status – an ability to feel at home in the strange, and see the strangeness of home. This unique point of view is the ethos of Meagan’s work.”

Lorin Angelica Doctor is an actor, writer, and producer who currently resides in Los Angeles. She studied theatre at NYU Tisch and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Whether it’s film, theater, or tv, she is inspired to make work that propels people to think outside of themselves and “get uncomfortable.”


Diana Irvine is an actor and performance creative who believes in the power of authentic storytelling. She champions radical empathy, hard work and spirit in Theater, TV & Film. Diana trained at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Atlantic Theater Company, and now resides in Los Angeles.


Margot is a singer, composer and classically trained violinist. She can be found in New York City singing dreamy love songs and composing for orchestras and films. Margot released her debut single Isn’t She Lovely in November of 2015. She is 1/2 of the band, The Dolls, who recently opened up for Katy Perry on the Asia leg of her Prismatic World Tour. Margot has also written and recorded string arrangements for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Low and Sam Sparro; her string work featured on the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, and composed an original piece for the The Horseman trailer.